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xuan Peng International ( Hongkong ) new material limited company brief introduction

Hin Peng International ( Hongkong ) new material limited company brief introduction

Hin Peng International ( Hongkong) new material limited company, is a focus on the new materials and the development and construction of market oriented new trading company. The main products include carbon fiber materials, supplies, luggage, outdoor supplies several major categories. Musical instruments luggage trade was founded in 1998, the factory is located in the north city of Hebei originated in China the luggage baigou. Is specializing in production of various kinds of advanced special musical box: including processing the production of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, glass steel, ABS, EVA, PVC materials of various musical box. Erhu, Jinghu, like guitar, clarinet, trumpet, Sax, senior plywood, bow, Mongol, Yueqin, Liuqin, calabash silk. Bags include: a variety of classical, folk, high-middle and low 38, 39, 40, 41 inches of electric guitar package, guitar, flute, electric piano, 61, 73, 76 keyboard package, electric bass, child and adult Biwa package package package, suona, Sheng, flute, Yueqin, Liuqin, hammer and package; erhu, Jinghu, Ruan package, large and small Sanxian package, trombone, Li Jian, flat key package, package body horn high school times, Sax pack, Cello Bags, big bass bag, all kinds of velvet piano cover, bench, lumbar support, hook, music stand, musical instruments, musical instrument accessories such as belt and a bracket.

The company has advanced equipment, funds and strong technical force. Products are mainly exported to the mainland of China; Australia; Tanzania; Uganda; Allende UAE, Asia, Europe, more than 20 countries and regions. The company has always abide by the "quality of survival, to the credibility of development" purposes, strictly according to ISO9002 quality assurance management system standard, make full use of climate, geography, and advancing the advantageous condition, solidarity struggles, the efforts of innovation, give full scope to the talents, Yong-scale new heights.

Hin Peng International ( Hongkong) new material limited company warmly welcome Chinese and foreign friends, friendly merchants on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, extensive exchanges and friendly cooperation, development of plans!

Hin Peng International ( Hongkong) Limited company of new material

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